UWorld Introduces MCAT® Learning Tools That Transform Traditional MCAT Review for Exam Mastery

UWorld MCAT Prep Course & UBooks Launch

Comprehensive MCAT resources include a new Prep Course and UBooks® to optimize exam preparation and provide an immersive learning experience for students

(DALLAS) June 4, 2024 – UWorld, a pioneer in creating industry-leading educational resources for high-stakes exams, today announced the launch of two new products to support students preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT): a comprehensive MCAT Prep Course and interactive MCAT UBooks in print and digital form.

The prep course and UBooks are designed to meet the evolving needs of students who seek high-quality, rigorous self-study learning tools that empower them to achieve their desired MCAT score. Developed by UWorld's subject matter experts and illustrators, these new resources provide an all-encompassing solution for MCAT mastery.

"Our new MCAT products are more than just educational tools—they are a leap toward a holistic approach in MCAT preparation," said Chandra S. Pemmasani, M.D., founder and CEO of UWorld. "The detailed illustrations and interactive features of our science UBooks, paired with the comprehensive learning strategies and analytical depth in our CARS workbooks, ensure that students are not just test-ready but develop the critical reasoning skills needed for a successful career in medicine."

Visually Interactive MCAT UBooks

The MCAT UBooks reimagine traditional content review. UWorld equips students with interactive digital UBooks to ensure they master science fundamentals and stay engaged. Students immerse themselves in science concepts and retain more with hyperlinks that include vivid illustrations, concept check questions that help assess and solidify information, a personalized online notebook, and spaced repetition flashcards that improve recall. The MCAT UBooks set ensures comprehensive coverage across all science subjects and provides students with a never-before-seen method for mastering CARS.

Comprehensive MCAT Prep Course

The new MCAT Prep Course includes the complete set of MCAT UBooks and UWorld's renowned QBank, complete with thousands of practice questions that mirror the structure and content of the exam. Students also receive access to time-saving study tools for an enhanced learning experience.

To learn more, please visit https://gradschool.uworld.com

About UWorld

UWorld is the worldwide leader in online learning to prepare for high-stakes exams. Since 2003, UWorld has helped millions of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students prepare for their exams. At the core of UWorld's mission is an obsession with quality so that students receive only the best learning resources. Whether students are preparing for the ACT®, SAT®, College Board®, AP®, CFA®, CPA®, CMA TM , CIA, MBE®, MCAT®, NAPLEX®/MPJE®/CPJE, NCLEX®, PANCE/PANRE®, COMLEX®, USMLE®, ABIM®, or ABFM®, UWorld ensures success by using active learning methods. Students can efficiently and effectively prepare for every exam topic with challenging practice questions that mirror real tests and unrivaled explanations

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