UWorld Launches All-New CPA Exam Review Product to Prepare Candidates for the 2024 CPA Evolution

UWorld Launches All-New CPA Exam Review Product to Prepare Candidates for the 2024 CPA Evolution

UWorld Accounting’s new product offers best-in-class content from world-renowned instructors and practicing CPAs.

(DALLAS, TX) November 1, 2023 — UWorld, a worldwide leader in learning tools for high-stakes exams, today launched its 2024 CPA Review Course to prepare aspiring accounting professionals for the 2024 CPA Exam. With proven methodology resulting in a historic 94% CPA Exam pass rate and industry-leading resources, UWorld Accounting’s 2024 product provides streamlined content to help candidates study smarter and pass faster.

As the CPA Exam evolves to emphasize technology and better reflect the skills newly licensed CPAs need in their career, it’s critical that study resources evolve to meet the new criteria. Starting in 2024, the exam will transition to a core-plus-discipline model. Candidates are now required to complete three core sections in Auditing & Attestation (AUD), Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR), and Taxation & Regulation (REG). They must also also choose one discipline section to demonstrate more tailored knowledge in one of the following areas: 

  • Business analysis and reporting (BAR)
  • Information systems and controls (ISC)
  • Tax compliance and planning (TCP)

UWorld Accounting’s 2024 CPA Review resources have been meticulously developed to prepare aspiring accountants for the new CPA Exam. The new course consists of six new course textbooks, more than 200 new lecture videos, and more. Courses incorporate 8,000 exam-level practice questions, including award-winning answer explanations and vivid illustrations to improve comprehension and retention.

A notable enhancement in UWorld’s new course is its direct alignment with the AICPA blueprints. Throughout the course, indicators are integrated that specify the topic, skill level, and representative task candidates must execute to excel on the exam. This exam alignment facilitates a seamless connection from the course content to the exam and allows students to focus on the concepts that matter most.

UWorld Accounting’s 2024 CPA Review Course uses the company’s signature SmartPath Predictive Technology™, which provides targeted recommendations on how to focus study efforts. The technology offers data-supported goals based on previously successful CPA Exam candidates to help users gauge their preparedness for exam day. 

“We are thrilled to launch our 2024 CPA product to meet the latest developments with the CPA Exam,” said Chandra S. Pemmasani, MD, Founder and CEO of UWorld. “Our team of experts at UWorld are constantly evaluating and adapting our study materials to keep pace with industry demands. By offering our best-in-class resources, we empower aspiring accounting professionals to succeed not only on their exam but also in their careers.”

Additionally, UWorld Accounting launched a “Four for 2024” scholarship drive to award four outstanding candidates complimentary access to its Elite-Unlimited CPA Exam Review course and an all-expense paid trip to Dallas, TX. Recipients will tour UWorld’s headquarters and meet renowned instructors Roger Philipp and Peter Olinto. To qualify, candidates must apply by Nov. 10, 2023.

For more information about UWorld Accounting and its 2024 CPA Review Course, visit accounting.uworld.com.

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